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John is recognized as one of the best directional traders out there with an astonishing track record of calling the tops of the markets in 2020 , 2018, 2015 and 2008! John is the CEO and Founder of Acorn Wealth Corp and has made millions in the public markets however he came from humble beginnings.

John grew up in a family very much involved in the mining arena that spent a great deal of time discussing fundamentals and stocks over the dinner table. John became exposed at an early age to the stock market and would watch the massive rise and falls of many of the mining companies he was observing. It became evident at this point that despite fundamental research there were terrific moves in stocks prices both up and down that the fundamentals didn’t seem to be able to account for.

This was where John’s Journey into understanding the hidden forces behind the charts began!

After blowing up several accounts and feeling very disenchanted with the lack of integrity of many so called ‘educational outfits’ and lack of quality information that was available to the average investor John set out to figure it out for himself.

John has spent the next 18 years mastering the art of technical analysis focusing on only the highest probability patterns combined with tracking where the 'Smart Money' was going as a method of finding trading opportunities in the North American equity markets.

Acorn Wealth Corporation opened its doors in 2007 to become one of the few places where students could go to learn powerful techniques directly from their mentors. Acorn helps thousands of traders worldwide discover the secrets to trading like the pros from the comfort of their home.

John Seville


John was recognized as 2022 winner of the Fintech Awards.
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Can you invest 20 minutes a night and one hour a week to master the science of stock trading?
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Without very little knowledge of options, I attempted to make a paper trade. After listening to the trading room prediction on the head and shoulders of Apple, I placed a paper trade November 11 for a put option 525 April 2013 (see attachment). Today, in theory, I'm up over $3000, a profit of 66%. That's pretty wild."

Acorn is helping me change my life. I am currently unemployed and have made the decision to make a living from trading on the stock market. Acorn Wealth Corp. is the only reason I could have made this life changing decision. Thank you Acorn!"

I have found the educational experience with Acorn to be invaluable. Acorn outlined some fairly simple principles and stressed the importance of being vigilant and disciplined in trading. They helped me to understand that a small profit taken in a short time can pay great dividends over the longer haul."
Dr. David M.

You guys taught me to trade with the overall trend in the market and that has made a world of difference to me. You have also helped me in other ways too. I have a lot more confidence in my trading now. It’s more effortless now. Before I was always second guessing myself, wondering if I am making the right decision. I was scared to be wrong. As you know that leads to missed opportunities."
Edward M

Trading VS Investing

With online trading accessible to all, individual traders are now the single most influential pressure on stock price.

If you have already invested with major institutions, you may have accepted returns far below those any professional trader would accept.

We’re going to raise your expectations far beyond any experience you’ve had so far, and give you both the skills and tools to earn those returns consistently.

Your current investment managers are underperforming because they simply don’t know what you’re about to learn.

You may have made trades before and failed.

Have you ever felt that somehow—if only you knew a little more or had a bit more time—you could do better than your current managers?

Some 70 percent of the trading market trades not on instinct but on strict rules. Wouldn’t you like to know those rules? They depend on technical analysis—which we will teach you.

Only 10 percent of investors make money on the stock market. They make it by taking from the other 90 percent. We teach you to study, then join the 10 percent.

Most investors actually buy highs and hope to sell higher. We teach you how to buy low and sell high.

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