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At Acorn Wealth/Smart Money Trading, we are very proud of the reviews that we receive from our students. The reviews come from students who have taken our education programs across different asset classes or joined lifetime. It is our #1 relentless commitment to do everything we can in support of our students. We emphasize the importance of all aspects of the trade; including choosing an asset class and trading style, developing a trading plan, understanding trader psychology and the importance of risk management. Combined with the student support and available online resources, it’s easy to see why many students say they never feel alone in their trading journey. It’s this ongoing unwavering commitment to excellence and educational growth that keeps students coming to Acorn Wealth/Smart Money Trading.

I've never seen anything like this"

I can't thank you enough"

You'll come out very satisfied"

Investment paid for many times over"

Incredible ways to earn a living"

I give you guys a lot of credit!"

Investment paid for many times over"

I owe a lot to Acorn!"

$11,500 Profit... I'm all in!"

Emails from our clients...
These are real emails from our students who have joined one of our online educational courses or educational programs at Acorn Wealth Corp., however we do not verify any student claims they made in their emails. Individual results may vary.
New Message
From: Matt

I’m more of a value investor and your FA strategy is like manna from heaven. I'm up 4x on my best FA investment (CDEV) since purchase. Your insight and explanations on all of the strategies you and your team teach are the best I’ve experienced.   Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless your company and your members.

Matt Y

New Message
From: Greg


I wanted to share some of my Acorn experience.

I have been a life time member of Acorn of several years and have made money every year.  Obviously some years have been better than others which one has to expect.  Year 2020 which has been a challenge for everyone in so many areas.  This has been no exception for my extended family getting seriously ill from COVID-19. One of the bright spots in 2020 has been Acorn.  2020 has been my most profitable year since I joined Acorn.  As a measure of this success which would only have been possible through Acorn, I have increased my portfolio by 125% with over 60% profitable trades and over 215 trades closed to date.

Acorn is not just another service that provides a black box of recommendations.  I have subscribed to these types of services before with limited success/profitability.  What I was searching for was a place of community where the coaches genuinely care about the success of their members.  I found that and so much more in Acorn.  They provide ongoing mentorship, detailed training and continuous interaction with their members.  Your investment in Acorn is one in yourself or learning how to be successful in trading stocks and the cost is way underpriced and worth every penny.  Some services that I have looked at in the past charge literally $45,000  for their version of Acorns lifetime membership.  The biggest secret is Acorn does not appreciate how good they are and what they have to offer at the price they charge for their lifetime membership.

If you are considering Acorn, ask yourself what value is there to nearly 3-4 hours of online couching  - every week, email updates and recommendations every day, 3 main classes taught at least once a year and most of the time twice a year that are approximately 30-40 hours in combined length and access to a senior couch for one-on-one help, if necessary. Acorn is there for YOUR success and it shows every day.

Once other great things about Acorn is you can apply their training to fit any size account and they want you to take what you learn and create a set of rules that meet your goals and comfort level.  This ability to understand and create your own personal objectives empowers you to take control of your future.  One size does NOT fit all at Acorn.  Acorn works with  you with to develop what is correct for YOUR portfolio size, YOUR risk level, YOUR objectives.

From my time with Acorn my success has paid for my annual membership many times over.  I did not pay for my lifetime membership my first year with Acorn as I took a very cautious and deliberate approach. I took the time to learn what Acorn was teaching and practicing their rules to build my comfort level.  There are no get rich overnight services and for anyone who is knew I strongly suggest that you paper trade or trade with very small amount of risk (Acorn will help you knew your risk of any trade before you enter it)  until you build your understanding of the rules.  You should not get excited or fear you missed out if you miss  a recommendation that goes up 100%.  Acorns next 2 or 3 recommendations may stop out and not make any money.

Greg B.

Lifetime Member of Acorn

New Message
From: Ross

Good morning John. I know it brightens your day to hear of Acorn profits. I sold SLS this morning pre-market at $4.48 for a beautiful $5860 profit thanks to acorns strategy. Best of luck with your surgery and a speedy recovery to you. Cheers!


New Message
From: Wolcott K

I'm a new customer and I must say your work has been excellent. ATXI, AWH, HL have improved my 401k significantly. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting.

Wolcott K

New Message
From: Cary S


Thank you for that heartfelt Christmas card. You and Acorn Wealth are the best of all the trading services catering to the retail investor. I have learned so much over the past year!

Here is to your continued success in 2021.

Cary S

New Message
From: Harvey B


You are providing the most unique service I have found in over 40 years of looking for help in sorting out markets. I always look forward to your observations and treasure your prospective. Please don't stop. Your warnings earlier this year probably saved me many thousands of dollars. Thanks again for your valuable observations.

Harvey B

A This year Life Timer!!!

New Message
From: Christy H

Sean, I've learned more in 4 videos than I've learned at all from the guys at Basecamp Trading.

Glad I joined today!! My hope is reignited!

Thanks, Christy

New Message
From: Greg F

Lately, I've been noticing the largest gainers in the market. And either Acorn has been watching the trade, in the trade, or I have been watching the trade on about half of these trades on a regular basis. And I would not have been able to find the trade without Acorn's teaching. Before Acorn, I was thinking about going back to a traditional job. Now, I don't have to worry about that.


Thank Geoff...Thank you, Sean...Thank you Greg. Thank you John.

I REALLY LIKE FALLEN ANGELS AND BULL FLAGS....they're not too hard to find and there's plenty to choose from...and they possibly can do well in bear markets...I don't know if you want to teach that. But, some of my best days have come in a down day in the market.

New Message
From: Richard M


We spoke recently about an Aussie share which I’d researched, analysed and invested in, based on the rules you teach. At that point, the investment was going well.

Anyway, the share price recently dropped precipitously after a market event that threatened the company’s market share. Thankfully, I had the advantage of Acorn learning and process and discipline, when this drop occurred.

Consequently, I had already taken some partial profits and moved my stop so I was already in a house money trade. So, all good.

That’s not the whole story though. Acorn’s philosophy is to ensure that capital is preserved. It’s not a sexy message for many, but it is absolutely crucial.

I had a look at my former investment a few days ago. Had I kept the stock, ignoring the rules and relying on “hope” that the price would recover, I would now be sitting with $12,000 less investable capital than I currently possess. That’s huge!

Furthermore, the psychological effect of being that far underwater (a 40% capital loss) on a single trade could lead to paralysis…being too timid to take another trade.

As it is, I exited with a profit, I pre-served my capital and kept it available for another trade.

I think the messages of process, rules, discipline and capital preservation are messages that none of us can hear too much. Making money from trading is impossible in the absence of capital. Use it. Don’t lose it!

Thanks for helping me, John. I am really enjoying the ride.


New Message
From: Mike H


Understanding stock trading has been a long process for me; it has not come easily. But with the patience and persistence of the Acornwealth coaches I am beginning to see some positive results. I have studied the Fallen Angels set ups extensively. One thing that has been holding me back is my lack of confidence in my ability to believe in my analysis. But I am realizing that I do now know how to identify a Fallen Angel. Recently while going through some stocks, I found a stock that looked very Fallen Angels. It looked like it should have broken out already. I studied it and studied it and thought it looked so good that I couldn't imagine that if it was so good, why Acornwealth hadn't put it on the alert list. So, lacking my self confidence, I didn't trade it. The next day I went back to it to see how it had had jumped 73% that one day. I kicked myself but told myself that obviously it's going to pull back the next day, so don't trade it. I looked at it the next day and it had gone up another 140%...I kicked myself again for not having bought any...but I told myself there is no way it could continue to go up again...but it did, another 80%. In the three days since I found this stock using my Fallen Angel analysis, this stock had gone up just over 300%.

One of the classic lines in Acorn is "the trend is your friend." It's true. Since this hard learned lesson I am trusting what I have learned and just completed the best month of earnings I have had since joining Acorn. The Johnny Seville and the other coaches are amazing in the regular trading rooms and classes but specifically in the individual coaching sessions that come with the membership. What I like about Acorn that I haven't gotten from other programs is that they really want the students to be self sufficient in trading. They don't just hand out stocks and tell us to trade them like many programs do, they explain why each stock is strong or weak according to pattern analysis and then leave it to each student to decide if the risk is personally worth it for them to make a trade. And they give you the tools to make that analysis. I have a ways to go until I fully understand stock trading, but I am confident that I have made a good investment in the training that Acornwealth provides.

Mike M.
New Hampshire

New Message
From: Gregory S.

The Greatest Equity Guru on Planet Earth - Johnny Seville !!!!!

The only thing in life that is important is when Johnny Seville picks one of those ABSOLUTELY AMAZING small priced, FALLEN ANGELS, trading at only a few cents. Because the GREATEST FEELING ON PLANET EARTH, is when that Bad Boy, at Johnny's TECHNICAL COMMAND, immediately after being identified, starts moving into fifth gear - OVERDRIVE - and the wonderful feeling I get that takes over me, when I look at my brokerage trading account, and there is way more MONEY in there than there was before !!!!!!!!


I can't wait for Johnny Seville to recommend a 19 cent FALLEN ANGEL ( that was trading at $50, ten (10) years earlier, and then I invest $19,000 and I buy 100,000 shares of that stock and PRESTO - my 19 grand is now worth $100,000 and I am living the DREAM !!

Thank you - Thank you !! - Thank you !!! Johnny Seville.

Gregory S.
A proud member of the Acorn Wealth Community

New Message
From: Brad J.

Hey Acorn Gang,

Just finishing up my trial membership and wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to have participated. The two a week meets have been fantastic, full of great technical analysis and my results were nothing short of spectacular!  I bought 300 shares of GTRS and had the best gain in 1 day in a single stock that I've ever had since my trading began in 08'!  I took 1/2 off at $30 to capture some profits and the other 1/2 are still riding, I would have never, ever in a hundred years looked for or found a stock like that on my own.

My weekly meets with Geoff have proven to be of tremendous value. He was hugely helpful in helping me get everything setup, how to navigate the website and shared some great tips and insight in how to set myself up for success. His ability to guide me in building a structure, implementing a strategy and setting expectations has been incredibly beneficial. It's been very refreshing and quite a change from the usual coaching I've received in the past including hundreds of webinars, dozens of 'systems' and countless mentorships....Thanks Geoff!

I've definitely become a huge fan of Acorn Wealth and am super excited about our growing relationship in the years to come. I have to say that my wife is a pretty big fan now as well. She's from Tasmania, Australia and we have 10 grandkids over there, 2 of which we've never met. We're way overdue for a visit and have committed ourselves to making it back there this year...and thanks to Acorn Wealth and GRTS, our trip just got paid for!!

You guys are the best, thanks again so very, very much for everything.

Brad J.

New Message
From: Brad J.

Hi Johnny,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your skill at reading the charts. More importantly, your logic, analogies, commitment and style of training add additional value for me personally. I have been investing / speculating since 1980 and have learned a thing or two along the way. However, becoming a lifetime member of Acorn earlier this year has proven to be inspiring and enjoyable, as well as serving to pull together and clarify much of what I have independently learned, sometimes the hard way, I am inspired and look forward to more Acorn lessons and teachings.

Many Thanks,

New Message
From: Amlesh

Awesome trading room John. Love it so I think I have 100% attendance record over past 1 year 🙂. Personally for me, I had my best run in Nov to Feb and after that I am not making much money because of the markets but the PnP, flags and FA strategies have helped in manage my risks far better than before so I am very grateful to Acorn for teaching them. Additionally, it is also helping my interpersonal management because many a times, the stocks that I am trading form some of the alerts (I can't buy all of them) turn out to be small losses and I watch all the ones I didn't take go higher, but I am reminding myself not to be fussed about FOMO and carrying on because I now trust the strategy.

Amlesh M.

New Message
From: Rob

Hey John,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for giving such an insightful perspective last night about the "wonky" market we're experiencing right now.

It was good to hear you say how it's the strangest market you've seen in a very long time. The Trading room comes at a bad time of the day for me, but I always listen to the recording.

After experiencing such a good run from November to February, it's easy to start thinking "I've finally got it!". We had so many winners and most of them could be adjusted to "house trade" status very early on. It seemed like you guys couldn't miss. I track all my trades and those months were big winners.

Now March and April have brought the trading joy to a halt. I can't remember having such a long string of losing trades. Fortunately, Acorn has taught me discipline, so none have been big losses. In some cases I tightened up my stops even more than the suggested stop, so the losses have each been under $250. But it does have an effect on one's confidence.

So your comments were very helpful last night. I'm learning that it's ok to be out of the market and I can deal with FOMO much better than before.

You may recall that my wife and I are in the process of buying a home here on Bonaire. It's been a long bizarre process and has been dragging on for 7 months now. So I've had all this money for the house purchase sitting in my trading account since November and put it to good use in those 3-4 good months leading up to mid February. It's a little frustrating to have all this money available, but sitting on the sidelines (95% in cash). I've slowly given back $2000+ in this wonky market and now have very few trades left. Other than being in the ETHE trade, I've sat out most of the others.

Once the house deal closes, I'll have a much smaller trading account, so hopefully we get one more good run until that time.

Either way, it's been a great experience with Acorn. I've learned a lot and patience and discipline are the biggest benefits to my trading experience.

Thanks again.

New Message
From: Leni W.

So let me just say that I started the day somewhat rudderless. I spent a week moving out of positions with a lot of pressure to divest because of the indecision and “danger” that we’ve been talking about in trading room. But after tonight’s bootcamp I feel so much more hopeful and I’m looking forward to the morning to review the market and start a new routine of trade planning. John, your enthusiasm is infectious and therapeutic.

That being said, I think the most powerful moments were when you went into the chart mechanics, and I want to hear more of that. Listening to you and Greg, one can’t help but respect the analytical skill and comfort you exhibit when talking about these patterns.

I’m here because I don’t want to be a spectator, but part of the team. Being technical by nature, I long for the insight on how things are put together, how, beyond the rules, does the game get’s played. Your exposition on the psychology of Insiders and the analysis of their behavior based on their repeated buying was brilliant and instructive.

You were so generous with your time, and I was very appreciative of that. I wouldn’t worry about going over the alotted time.

Thank you for doing this.
Regards, Leni

New Message
From: Frank

Hello John,


During last Thursday's webinar you recognized my name as from a previous customer.

That was back in 2015/2016 🙂

I think that can only be when you are very committed to your cause.

Even while having to wake up for the webinars at 02:00 AM, I 'terribly much' enjoy getting your clear rule-based vision and being fired by your endless enthusiasm.

Thank you for your spirit.

Could not enroll during the webinar at Thursday because during the same time our new grandson was born and after that I needed some sleep and care of my own little daughter.

So today I enrolled with pleasure again in your Smart Money course to be fully updated, learn more and to follow your trade ideas.

Looking forward very much,

Thank you,

With very best regards,


From Netherlands and living in Slovakia

New Message
From: David

Wow! Fallen Angels UPDATE

Hi Johnny

Just a quick note on fallen angels and my trading... My trading acct is up over 77% ytd and friday I made the most money ever in trading... over $2400 dollars in 1 day.  I bought CPE @ 10.90 and sold 1/3 at 13.92.  a 27% profit.  I am becoming more confident in my trading,  I was keeping an eye on TOL  I looked at the hourly chart and saw a bullish flag and decided I was no longer bearish on this My IRA is up 61% ytd.   Keep up the good work and I will be a better student.  Thanks


New Message
From: Allen

As I’ve said before - I’ve been watching the market and self proclaimed “guru’s” for almost 50 years. Johnny Seville is one of the top 2 or 3 technical traders I’ve ever seen. He’s actually the number 1 in my book as his ideas and approach to the market are unique to him. The others are just marketers masquerading as traders. They depend on pulling you in with elaborate (and false) pitches. You will not make money with them long term. John on the other hand trades real money and his results are stellar. Join him and forget about all the others. You will not be disappointed.


New Message
From: Bayu H.

Hi John, I just want to update you regarding my experience with Acorn and share some thoughts. Well, as I've already told you before I'm joining I have pretty much seen almost all the course or stock trading services out there. After being 1 month with Acorn I finally can say that your company is no doubt the best out there if we are talking about the quality of the deliverable. You have a very clear and transparent alert, tracking, education, etc. with amazing result and win rate. Though I haven't traded with real money yet, I'm journaling all the alerts and have simulated myself. I developed my own trading style using your alert and insights. I'm just starting but I'm beginning to see that I can reach my financial freedom target if I stick with this system. Also I'm very happy and impressed by Geoff as my coach. He is very helpful, passionate, and pin point on my learning so I can exponentially grow my knowledge. I mean, this is what a trading education company should be. Nothing fancy, no over promise, just top notch delivery of what you should deliver and what the customer expected.

Regards, Bayu H

New Message
From: Ross D

Hey John. I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful trading year as we wrap everything up from what was a disastrous year for some and a great year for Acorn Traders. I closed out a trade today for a break-even that I have been holding at a large loss for just under a year. You were sitting on my shoulder the whole time. Two times throughout the year it hit my break-even and I tried to wait for a small gain just to see it crater back down to a 80% loss. Today I was going to wait but I sold at break-even and I was relieved to do so. And I reminded myself what you told me. When I was down 80% I would have done anything to break-even. It has since gone up significantly but I don't care about the potential gain I missed out on. This was the last of the stocks in my portfolio that I had from before I started following Acorn rules to prevent stupid mistakes like this from happening. I looked this week at all my gains and losses from Acorn Trades specifically. I have a gain this year of $130,000 off of a $60,000 account. $45,000 of that is directly attributable to Acorn alerts and strategies and the rest is long term holdings but also attributable to the trader's mindset you have helped me improve on throughout the years. Not bad for someone who works 60-70 hours per week at a regular job. I can't wait to see what 2021 brings all of us in the Acorn community, I know you have great things in store for us and I am committed to better trading using your rules and strategies going forward. See you next year!!

Ross D

New Message
From: Richard

Thank you, John, for your always thorough and insightful analysis!! Really growing my trading knowledge because of you and the Acorn team. Keep it going!!!


New Message
From: Joan K


I am a new member and just wanted to let you all know that I'm really impressed with all of the training and information I've gotten so far from Acorn Wealth. John is absolutely fantastic with his teaching style and his incredible depth of knowledge. Just as important, he really seems to care about the members on a personal level. In addition, I've had 2 SmartMoney coaching sessions with Geoff. He's been fantastic as well. He was very patient and pleasant to work with and he covered a wealth of valuable information in a very short time. Our sessions were jam packed. I feel that I am absolutely getting my money's worth and am very happy that I joined up. It's been a great experience so far. I look forward to learning tons more and finally putting it to use and making some money.

Thanks to all!

Sincerely, Joan K

New Message
From: Bruce B

Good morning Johnny, still excited about last night's fallen angels course primer, but I thought I’d share with you and if you care to share with the Acorn flock that’s fine with me, see attached.

I’m certainly not bragging mind you, but this is an all too typical scene and snapshot of my trading account through the education and guidance of acorn wealth corporation. These ticker symbols represent the strongest patterns and probabilities of the past few months of your recommendations. I have all my stops in place and this is truly a set and forget portfolio. Is this Nirvana? Certainly not! There is risk in all of these trades however stops are set per acorn to leave me with a reasonable profit should I not look at this screen again today.

Acorn is not a miracle company but in terms of being transformational and educational, you are outstanding. Your recommendations continue to amaze, as a lifetime member I now think all acorns are made of gold.

New Message
From: José P

John, I just finished reviewing your video update for today 12-15-2020. Your work ethic is impressive given the recent surgery. I am always grateful by your perspective, review, and insights of general market conditions, which I find extremely valuable in all these videos, more so even than the comments on individual stocks.


New Message
From: Rob

John, I love the Fallen Angels strategy or as I might call it: The Ted Williams Trade (hear me out on that). My win rate with them since June (24 trades) is 41.6% which is close to Ted Williams’ batting average of .406 in 1941, and he was a superstar. My Return on Risk Capital is 41% which is incredible considering I’ve lost on 58.4% of my trades. I love the baseball analogy for this trade because it is the one sport where if you only succeeded 40% of the time you stepped up to the plate, you would have one kick-ass career.

Here’s the kicker: I’ve missed the vast majority of your grand slam picks so these numbers are more than likely going to jump significantly as time goes.


New Message
From: Rick S


I just wanted to say THANK YOU to AcornWealth, John Seville, Greg, and especially Sean. I NEVER made a profit in the stock market until I somehow miraculously came upon AcornWealth. Now, for the first time, I will actually show a profit for the year. I am one of your students you taught how to fish, and although I no longer need your services, I cannot thank you all enough. Now, when I look at a price chart, I can actually see where the price may be going.

Best regards,

New Message

From: Kyle

Thanks so much for our phone conversations, and the extension of the trial period.

I appreciate your interest in your customers, both new and not so new. It shows that the Company has an interest in its customers' futures.

As we spoke of, I was interested in how Acorn Wealth has been doing, and what direction it has been taking. All looks good! Thanks again for your interest in Acorn Wealth's customers!

After so many different names, scenarios, and webinars, My needs are much simpler. Acorn Wealth is always high on my list of honest, reliable educational tools and people. The education is exemplary; the people, a cut above. Thanks again. Ken.

New Message

From: Faith R

I'm looking forward to the Fallen Angels Class to learn more about the indicators used with Fallen Angels. Also, I do scans but often don't come up with the same picks as Acorn. So I want more insight into FA picks to see if I can tighten up the criteria for my picks.

The low-priced FA's are a nice alternative to options, and can really augment the profit in the trade magnified by the larger number of shares. A bonus is that it's easy to control using stop-loss and targets!

I've been very happy with your picks. Recently I have run the FA scan nightly for six weeks. Then I pick, watch and cull the group. After a few days or a week (sometimes even longer), I get a feel for the stock and it's possibilities and then put in a buy order. Until recently I haven't been consistently patient and find that has hurt my interpretation of the charts and entry/exit for the stocks. I don't always come up with the same stocks and not sure why - so this class may help with that.

Thanks for your diligence and communication skills. I have improved my skills after being out of the market for about 8 years. The pattern's approach is great, and Fallen Angel picks have been a wonderful part of the skills we're learning.

I'd recommend your classes and approach to everyone who trades stocks. Looking forward to the upcoming Fallen Angels class!

Faith R

New Message
From: Bruce


As a grateful Lifetime member It's been a while since I've reached out to you, however Acorn remains one of my top priority emails every morning.

I'm sitting here at my desk watching in particular, GRAY, today earning me a tidy little 22% gain just for the day. With your "Take a Profit" voice/advice in my head I sold half of my position, an excellent profit.

What I wanted to share is what happened "after hours" today, 6/10/21. I'm a religious Tradingview user and noticed an after-market close explosion starting at 16:14 hours (4:16pm EST), GRAY went nuclear into a successive Triple Flag Pattern. I day traded the hell out of this on a 2 minute chart based purely on the Acorn Flag Pattern rules and teachings.

Bottom line, a 40% Aftermarket Bomb, the Acorn rules, methodology, discipline and profit guidelines guided me to a $2000 profit. Acorn teachings allowed me to see the exhaustion gap at 17:12pm and sold the remaining 250 @ $7.80.

BOOM goes the Acorn!

Thankful to the Acorn team & forever dedicated to the process! Regards, Bruce Acorn Lifetime Member


New Message
From: Howard W.


Thank you for what you do!  It helps us immensely with navigating the shoals.

Your Trading Room format provides a clear foundation and framework for the current market condition.

This helps me figure out which tactics to use.

Please keep this up.

The classes Gregg teaches are great.  He presents in such a clear manner, patiently explaining the nuances so well.

Even though I have taken the classes before, as a life-time member it always helps to review as I always seem to learn more.

Please keep this up.

Thank you kindly.

Wishing you good health and may the wind always be at your back.

Howard W.

New Message
From: Ken

Kyle (and 'Johnny'):

Thanks so much for our phone conversations. I appreciate your interest in your customers, both new and not so new. It shows that the Company has an interest in its customers' futures.

As we spoke of, I was interested in how Acorn Wealth has been doing, and what direction it has been taking. All looks good!

Thanks again for your interest in Acorn Wealth's customers! After so many different names, scenarios, and webinars, My needs are much simpler.

Acorn Wealth is always high on my list of honest, reliable educational tools and people. The education is exemplary; the people, a cut above.

Thanks again.


New Message
From: Sam F.

Hello Johnny,

Just wanted to write a quick email and let you know how timely Tuesdays trading room and the discussion on letting the rules work. I'm still a new trader and my account balance is almost entirely my seed money. Yesterday at one point I looked at my account balance and was down almost 4%. I went into instant panic mode ready to sell off my entire portfolio to preserve my capital. I rushed to my computer to load my charts and see what had stopped out of my account already.

When I got my charting software open and looked at each individual stock, I was actually glad to see what they all were doing. With only a couple of exceptions, they were all pulling back to their averages and holding that support. What started out as a total panic situation resulted in me sitting at my computer not only relieved but even more confident in the stocks being strong picks. I thought back to Tuesdays trading room and thought to myself, this is exactly what was discussed last night. Let the rules do their job!

It was a shock to the system that they all pulled back at the same time, but in the end, none of them stopped out, or even got close really, and between what they recovered yesterday, and where they sit today, I'm almost right back where I started. With all my stocks still in my portfolio, and even more confidence in them after they have tested and held resistance.

Thank you for the work you and your team do, you all have truly changed my understanding and abilities as a trader.

Sam F.

Written Testimonials

Since I have taken the trading academy course I now look at investing in the stock market differently. I understand that there is a lot of emotion driving the prices of most stocks and if you can read that emotion you can buy stocks when they are starting to come back into favor and catch the ride of them becoming popular again and the price rising as demand for the stock increases. But I also understand that there is a point that the stock comes to that it is being overvalued because of this demand and that this is the time to sell the stock because holding it will probably only result in a small gain or possibly a large drop."
Harold M.

John, I’ve been involved in stocks for approximately 40 yrs and only made money for brokers and brokerage companies. Since getting involved with Acorn I feel that I have learned a great deal, in particular chart interpretation. The weekly on line coaching sessions with you and mostly Jay (He is a great coach and a great asset to your company) have been invaluable, a lot of info, giving me confidence in how to trade properly. Although I’m a newcomer I feel that I’ve known you guys for a long time, like a family. Thanks for getting me on right track."
Cal H.

Without very little knowledge of options, I attempted to make a paper trade. After listening to the trading room prediction on the head and shoulders of Apple, I placed a paper trade November 11 for a put option 525 April 2013 (see attachment). Today, in theory, I'm up over $3000, a profit of 66%. That's pretty wild."

Acorn is helping me change my life. I am currently unemployed and have made the decision to make a living from trading on the stock market. Acorn Wealth Corp. is the only reason I could have made this life changing decision. Thank you Acorn!"

You guys taught me to trade with the overall trend in the market and that has made a world of difference to me. You have also helped me in other ways too. I have a lot more confidence in my trading now. It’s more effortless now. Before I was always second guessing myself, wondering if I am making the right decision. I was scared to be wrong. As you know that leads to missed opportunities."
Edward M.

The Stock Market was a huge financial elephant to me that created intimidation and a fear of loss financially. I have never invested in individual stocks. Due to your training, format I have initially chosen to pursue a single appendage of the stock market experience (swing trading), which will allow me to invest in individual stocks with confidence. I am no longer overwhelmed and see the potential for huge financial benefits. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."
Tommy Thomas

Although I consider myself to be a "seasoned" investor and use both stocks and options, my success in the market to date has been lack-luster to say the least. Although I have been investing for quite a while, I have made expensive mistakes.

The most important thing I have learned from Acorn is my approach to risk. I gained a whole new appreciation for risk and how to apply that knowledge. "

Peter Morgan

I have found the educational experience with Acorn to be invaluable. Acorn outlined some fairly simple principles and stressed the importance of being vigilant and disciplined in trading. They helped me to understand that a small profit taken in a short time can pay great dividends over the longer haul."
Dr. David M

Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I'll tell everyone about your course."

Bill D.

I was a fundamental speculator in the stock market before Acorn. Now I have the basics to be a profitable swing trader. Acorn has giving me the confidence to keep refining my skills and education in the stock market. With my first 8 trades being all highly profitable, Acorn has giving me the edge to achieving my goal to be financially independent so I don't have to fly planes for a living."

I have a much better understanding of how to look at and understand the candles... John, I like your teaching style! You go through things slowly and use drawings to illustrate what you are saying. This helps to clarify and besides, I am a visual learner so it works great for me. Your teaching is very clear and concise."

Kathryn E.

I was watching RIMM today around 1:30 to 3:15 or so and thought I noticed a Head and Shoulder Pattern developing on a 1 minute chart. I anticipated correctly, and had my short order in place at $8.39 when it finally triggered. It went down just as it was supposed to. Not much, I know, but I think I can legitimately say that this is the first trend I saw developing and reacted appropriately, in the 2 years I have been trading!"

In the midst of all these bad events, I did a really nice trade with the Acorn guidance. I made $832 (16.2%) in 4 days with IMSC as I bought at 1.05 and sold at 1.22. Thank you. I placed the entry low enough but strangely, it gapped and went all the way down to an expected 75 cents and back up. I sold towards the top of the downtrend."

I have no hesitation recommending Acorn Wealth Management and their trading academy. The team at Acorn are fun people, real investors, with money in the market, as well as great trainers. Although I considered myself to be a “seasoned” self-taught investor using both stocks and options, I did not feel that I was successfully trading. The decision to invest in education with Acorn was the right one. One of most important things I have learned from Acorn is my approach to risk and my understanding of the market and charting. I have gained a whole new appreciation for risk and how to apply that knowledge to make money. Personal contact with actual traders is very useful, and I am finding it helpful in shaping my view of investing. I believe that several bad investing habits have been corrected and I that I am on the right path to success."
P. J. Morgan

This experience with Acorn has exceeded my expectations. You have transformed my trading. And believe me, I came into this Acorn Universe with skepticism and typical expectations for disappointment. The cost of my lifetime membership is a distant memory. You have empowered me with tools, mindset and confidence."
Bruce B.

My biggest learning from Fallen Angels has been the use of moving averages to control my entries and exits. Fallen Angels and the strategy itself is a gift from above that keeps on giving."
Rodney R.

I would say if you are serious about trading, don't keep looking around and jumping from one place to another. Just take a course with Acorn and jump into it. All of Acorn's courses are spot on, especially the Fallen Angels course."
Abdul Y.

I had always wanted to be in on one of those stocks that showed it going from 50 cents to four dollars, but I couldn't understand the pattern behind it. Acorn has pulled it all together for me. I can look at the Fallen Angels pattern now and understand it technically. It's been transformational to my trading. So thank you so much for that. The Fallen Angels course alone paid for my lifetime membership, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is just an enjoyable experience to be on board."
Bruce B.

Fallen angels is not necessarily only applicable to speculative penny stocks as it's also applicable to large stocks that got crushed. Instead of just having fear, when the market crashes, I can look forward to big drawdowns and crashes as outsized gains can be had. The Fallen Angels is unique as no other schools teach this powerful technique."
Ed C.

The Fallen Angels course is a 10/10. Anyone wanting to learn how to trade will get more than their money's worth with Acorn. Figure out your risk tolerance, use the Risk-Reward spreadsheet each and every time, listen and learn. Fallen Angels will always make you smile."
James P.

The Fallen Angels pattern is the most powerful pattern I have seen. But, they don't all execute the same and sometimes it can take a long time for the pattern to develop. The key have to have patience. I have found so much value in taking the Fallen Angels course! Thank you."
Megan O.

You've heard it many times: BUY LOW and SELL HIGH! Yeah yeah...right. But this guy in his Fallen Angels class does exactly that and his magic formula for spotting them truly works."
Janet O.

There is so much I learned from the Fallen Angels course, it's hard to summarize in just a few words! To name a few things --I learned how important it is to recognize the patterns, learned about moving averages and other indicators, I learned about insider buying, and playing off of that information. I wish I had learned this 20 years ago!"
Denise S.

Thanks to Acorn my trading is very different. I am way more consistent. I know how much to risk on every trade. I can do scans and put in orders over night and not worry about it at all during the day. I feel a lot more confident about my financial future. Very little hope, doubt, uncertainty - it is all manageable and on me to manage it. Thank you."
Douglas B.

I started with Acorn in 2012 and the techniques I have learned from Acorn have been useful and lucrative. Acorn helped me see trades in a certain light and helps build confidence. I've made many gains through the years because of the skills from Acorn."
Ed C.

Acorn is a 10/10. It has given me confidence, even pleasure, in my day-to-day routine, and it is a forgiving enough technique that one can step away from it for a time when life intervenes."
Gerald O.

i just wanted to pass along my story. being on vacation recently allowed me to spend more time trading. i trade primarily canadian stocks but apply the principles of Acorn. It is with this background i believe, that i was able to complete my most successful short term trade ever. Bought TRIL (canadian stock) on august 18th and sold it on aug. 23 for a total increase of 187% on last day. earnings invested $19,000. value of profit earned was $36,000 (over those 3-4 days total). Thanks to Acorn!"
Karen T.

Just a quick note to thank you for teaching me the 'set and forget' concept. This morning my computer "dinged" just after the open and by the time I checked what it was, NXGN was already well into its drop. I had set it up weeks ago and had almost forgotten about it. Not only that, but it already hit the first profit target within the first 75 minutes. Awesome! I've had too many stop outs recently, so this was a welcome change!
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